Software that improves your collections results.

CollectIC is our intelligent collections software that brings together powerful communications, robotic automation and machine learning all in one place.

The result? Get your unpaid invoices paid faster, waste less time and provide a better payment experience!

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Some of the companies that benefit from the power of CollectIC

Features A robust set of features

Our platform is constantly evolving to provide ever new features and enhancements. With our state of the art platform, we pride ourselves in keeping ahead of the times so you can operate faster and better than before.

  • Communications

Internal and external communications, all from one inbox.

  • Enrichment

Locate untraceable debtors with our forensic enrichment.

  • Insights

Go from data to insights in seconds. All in one view!

  • Workflows

Build engaging, personal, data driven experiences.

  • Intelligence

A machine learning standard for importing and handling data.

  • Templating

Fast, drag and drop, multi-lingual template builder.

We make it easy to manage your collections process.

We have applied cutting edge technology to create an intelligent solution that helps your collections process perform better, work faster whilst maintaining a hassle free experience to all involved.

  • Easily signup. A few clicks and you can get started.
  • Make quick decisions. Analytics which help you make informed decisions.
  • Communicate at anytime. From automated workflows or via the all in one Inbox
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CollectIC Insights
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Self service mobile solutions that empower.

CollectIC comes with it's own mobile solution! Designed to empower debtors to better managing their finances with direct access to your support teams.

From communicating directly with your business, requesting payment links, to arranging their own payment plans. We designed CollectIC Mobile to not only empower debtors to manage their accounts, but to automate considerable ticket activity within your support team.

  • Available in Apple & Google store as well as online.
  • Provides file overview, contact data, communication channels.
  • Create and self management of payment plans
  • Multiple in app payment methods
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We use machine learning to reduce the friction on data handling! No matter how bad, we take the pain away from manually formatting data.