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A international digital collections agency

DebtCo is a Dutch Fintech that is looking to disrupt the traditional world of debt collections through the use of new digital technologies.


Brand strategy & design. A complete new website.

Started in 2019, the founders of CollectIC were looking for a partner to help define their brand strategy, website development content strategy and long term, marketing campaigns.

From designing the logo through to the development of their corporate website and local market landing pages, this was an epic project that is still on going. 

Phase 1 delivered - Q3 2019 What have I delivered?

Logo Design

Full design of the logo which is used across their website and platform. The logo depicts how they connect the dots together.

WordPress Site

DebtCo is broken up into one corporate website and a separate European and UK site where debtors can see FAQ's and make contact directly.

Brand Strategy

DebtCo's brand is unique globally. One that empowers struggling business and individuals into resolving their challenging financial situation.

Kevin the bot

A full integrated chatbot that is multilingual and helps guide debtors on how they can pay or raise an investigation with DebtCo and their clients.

Full hosting

This site is fully hosted with our partner Hostnet(corporate) and NameCheap who also provide full email integration and daily back up's.

Let's check it out.

The challenge with DebtCo was that they required a website which attracted new clients as well as local market websites that were designed as landing pages for debtors (business and consumers).

The key factor was ensuring it was easy for people to understand what we were about and how we could help them. To date we have launched 3 websites around the globe that include chatbot integrations, contact forms and knowledge base areas.

DebtCo International Corporate site

The DebtCo International website is a multi-lingual website and is their primary corporate website for clients and new prospects. This site needed to bring the brand to life and explain why the service DebtCo provides is more unique than the rest.

It also needed to ensure that if debtors landed, that they had the ability to navigate to the landing pages of their country.

DebtCo UK & EU For debtors

Multi country websites that act as a knowledge base for debtors who have received a communication from DebtCo. The power of this site is to provide as much information as possible that helps the individual and/or company that has landed on it.

Chatbot's help answer questions and even guide on how payments can be made.

"branDiT has helped us from the start as we looked to scale our business to being more than just another collections agency. Through the use of technologies, we provide landing pages that helps our clients client answer any questions they have, chatbots that operate 24/7 and even tools that help people manage their budgets"

DebtCo International Collections Agency

DebtCo International Leadership

Change log

DebtCo is growing from a start-up to an international scale-up. The result of this growth is the constant need to improve the marketing and websites. 

Check out the change log which captures the changes I have helped DebtCo with.

DebtCo is digitally transforming the debt collection and invoice recovery industry. A critical part of their strategy is the release of their mobile solution FinView. 

Available online as well as via the Google and Apple app stores, FinView gives full control to debtors on their cases.

This release was to introduce the new


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