TopGrass e-Commerce company selling artificial grass in Holland.

In partnership with our friends at Uplify, this project was to build a simple e-commerce site for a new artificial grass company in Holland.



Brand strategy & design. A complete new website.

Launched in 2020, TopGrass wanted a website that could enable them to sell their products to the consumers of Holland. This project was in combination with our partner Uplify who full managed the project and design process. Our role was to bring this to life in WordPress.


Delivered - Q3 2020 What did TopGrass get?

Logo Design

A whole new consumer logo that was in the same design concept as the corporate business.

Managed by Uplify

WordPress Site

Full development of the website, which also included the setup of the web-shop and product categories.

Developed by branDiT


Full setup of the web-shop, categories, integration with mollie payments and product management. 


Complete WordPress hosting.


Managed by Uplify

Let's check it out.

TopGrass was a great project together with Uplify. It was my first attempt at WooCommerce and I think the result speaks for itself.

Click the link to visit the site directly.

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